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Cafecito with Jesus- 5/1/2024- To Weavers Everywhere

Updated: May 7

To Weavers Everywhere

(The Weavers, Women of the South Pacific)

God sits weeping,

The beautiful creation tapestry

He wove with such joy

is mutilated, torn to shreds, reduced to rags

its beauty fragmented by force.

God sits weeping.

But look!

He is gathering up the shreds to weave something new.

He gathers our shreds of sorrow

the pain, the tears, the frustration

caused by cruelty, crushing

ignoring, violating, killing

He gathers the rags of our hard work

attempts at advocacy

initiatives for peace, protests against injustice

all the seemingly little and weak words and deeds offered

sacrificially in hope, in faith, in love.

And look!

He is weaving them all with golden threads of

Jubilation into a new tapestry,

A creation richer, more

beautiful than the old one was!

God sits weaving,

patiently, persistently

with a smile that radiates like a rainbow on His tear-streaked face.

And He invites us not only to keep offering Him the shreds and rags of our

suffering and our work, but even more-

To take our place beside Him at the Jubilee Loom and to weave with Him the

Tapestry of a New Creation.



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