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Spiritual Companions Directory

Carmen Villafañe

Catholic and all seekers

Certificate in Spiritual Companionship, Practicum in Spiritual Direction, Former Ignatian Educator, Theology & Ministry, leadership formation with youth & adults

Walking this path to be a faithful contemplative in action, I hope to accompany you in your search to find God in all things. It will be an honor to journey with you in your desire to grow closer and more freely in relationship with God and neighbor in Faith, Hope and Love.
I look forward to encountering the Divine in you.
- Former Ignatian Educator, Theology & Ministry, leadership formation with youth & adults
- Certificate in Spiritual Companionship, Practicum in Spiritual Direction
“The Glory of God is a human being fully alive.” – St. Irenaeus

Avis Gomez

Catholic, Christian

Spiritual Direction centered around Carmelite prayer and Ignatius Discernment

Roman Catholic sister in Christ who was called to serve the Lord as a spiritual companion. Spiritual direction with a qualified lay person brings a unique understanding of Christ in every day life. I am called to serve as a spiritual director helping people to transform their relationship from knowledge and understanding of Jesus to a loving intimate relationship with Him.

Liz Buzone

Catholic, Christian

All seekers, Interfaith, LGBTQIA+

Spiritual Companionship, Co-Facilitator of Practicum Year 3 in the Spiritual Companionship Program at St. Thomas University.

I welcome all who feel called to live in an ongoing dialogue with the Divine. In spiritual direction, we will create space for witnessing the movements of healing and transformation on your own spiritual path.

“Life is this simple: we are living in a world that is absolutely transparent and the divine is shining through it all the time. This is not just a nice story or a fable, it is true. ” - Thomas Merton

Pat Fairfiled


Spiritual Companion in the Catholic faith

Pat Fairfield graduated from St. Thomas University, with a Masters in Pastoral Ministry. She completed the Spiritual Companionship Program in 2001. Was a facilitator in STU for 2nd Year in the Spiritual Companionship Program. She is participated in the Charismatic Renewal. She is open to looking for God and helping others seekers in their relationship with God.

Sue DeFerrari


All seekers, individual and group direction/companionship

Sue has been companioning individuals and groups as they seek, discover, and deepen their relationship with God throughout her 20+ year career working in ministry and faith formation education. She is a well-respected preacher and teacher, workshop facilitator and retreat leader. Sue serves full-time as the director of MorningStar Renewal Center.

Sue is available as spiritual director/companion for both individuals and groups and is trained in spiritual direction supervision. Sue is the director of the 3 Year Certificate Spiritual Companionship Program at St. Thomas University where she also teaches. Sue holds Master’s degrees in pastoral ministry and social work. Sue is a member of Spiritual Director’s International

Patricia Valderrama

Catholic, Christian

Ignatian Spirituality, Centering Prayer, Pet Loss

Graduated from the Spiritual Companionship Program at St. Thomas University with Practicum in Spiritual Direction in 2018. Currently, co-facilitates Year 2, the Ignatian Retreat (19th Annotation), in the Spiritual Companionship Program at St. Thomas University. Member of Spiritual Director’s International.

As a Spiritual Companion, I create a sacred space and walk with you in finding your own way to listen for God in your prayer and life. I am more oriented to Ignatian Spirituality, giving focus to the movements of the spirit and discernment.

Kathy Saunders

Roman Catholic

Spiritual Direction

Kathy served for forty years as an educator for the Archdiocese of Miami. She retired from teaching in 2019. Kathy received her Certification as a Spiritual Director in 2003 from St. Thomas University. She is a co-facilitator in the STU Spiritual Direction program, 2nd year, with a special focus on the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius. (19th Annotation)

Brenda Coutte


I am 68 years old, native from Panama, married with 5 children and 2 granddaughters. I am retired but still working from home with a flexible schedule. Lived in Miami for over 30 years and recently moved to San Antonio Texas. I am willing to do spiritual direction but it will have to be by Zoom, FaceTime or WhatsApp.

Isabel Lyon


Spiritual Direction

Certificate In Spiritual Companionship With Practicum In Spiritual Direction, St. Thomas University

God is always walking with us, calling us, waiting for us. When we say yes, that yes takes us to new places, new beginnings, new ways of seeing. In Spiritual Direction we say yes to God's invitation. We meet, we pray, make silence, talk about life, listen deeply, notice the movements of the Spirit in our lives, talk more, listen more. It is a journey towards our true self to encounter God in a deep, intimate, and loving way.

Patty (Justo) Charbonneau

Catholic, Christian

All seekers, interfaith, grief/loss/trauma (ex. death, divorce), and LGBTQIA.

Spiritual Companion/Director.
Former educator and reading tutor.

In Spiritual Direction, I will listen deeply to you and the unfolding of your life to help you discern the ways you are being led by the Divine to transformation, healing and a richer life. My intent is to help create a space where you feel heard, seen, honored and accepted just as you are.

“All shall be well and all shall be well, and all manner of things shall be well.”
Julian of Norwich, anchoress, 1342.

Gonzalo Lauria


Spiritual Companionship - Grief Support Group

Completed the Spiritual Companionship Program with Practicum in Spiritual Direction at St. Thomas University in May 2022, while serving as the coordinator of the Bereavement Ministry and a Certified Catechist in St. Agnes Catholic Church.

As Spiritual Companion, I am honored to witness your constant spiritual awakening, explore God’s presence in your lives, and accompany you in discerning the movements of the Holy Spirit.

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