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Spiritual Direction

Spiritual Direction

What is Spiritual Direction

Fostering a partnership with God's ongoing work of healing and transformation.

Training Program at St. Thomas

Information about how to get certified as a Spiritual Companion at STU

Spiritual Directors Directory

Here is the list for Spiritual Companions in South Florida

What is Spiritual Direction?

Rooted in the resources of the Christian tradition and experience with its emphasis on direct and loving awareness of the Divine Mystery we call God. We believe God is present in all human experience and that our deepest fulfillment is to awaken as individuals and as communities to the truth and grace of God’s Presence. The practice of Spiritual Direction and Spiritual Companionship fosters a partnership with God’s ongoing work of healing and transformation in both individuals and contemplative attitude rooted in community and attentive to “real life” in the present moment.

For information about the program with  St. Thomas University, click here

Looking for a Spiritual Director?

We have an extensive data base of Spiritual Directors and/or Spiritual Companions in different areas from Miami, Dade up to Broward County. Contact Us, we will  help you get in contact.

What is SC
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