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Cafecito With Jesus: A Prayer For Leap Day and Leap Year

Saint Brigid of Ireland in stained glass at St. Joseph Catholic Church in Macon, Georgia, U.S.

Dear God,

Today as we add an extra day to the calendar on Leap Day to realign our lives to the rhythms of time you established in the solar year, help us to see the corrections we need to personally make to realign ourselves with you.

We recall how in-tune Jesus was to your timeline for his life as he repeatedly told his disciples, “My time has not yet come.”

Reveal to us today the miscalculations we have made in your timing for our lives.

Show us where we have hesitated too long and not acted quickly enough.

Open our eyes to the times we have jumped into action before waiting for your direction.

Help us keep in mind how even small deviations can add up over time to put us completely out of sync with your plan for our lives.

On Leap Day and Leap Year, help us leap forward by depending on You daily for guidance and help.



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