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Cafecito with Jesus Tidbits - April 8, 2024- The Seventh Story

Updated: May 3

The Seventh Story

Shared by Gonzalo Lauria

Today Gonzalo shared this book about the Seventh Story by Brian Mc. Laren, he closed with this beautiful poem from the book:

Six old stories, whenever we go, the same six stories

are running the show, the story...

of power to dominate,

of striking back with fury and hate,

of pointing at others to shame and disgrace,

of running and hiding to find a safe place,

of being stuck in self-pity for the pain we've been through,

of me having more shiny objects than you.

The same six old stories steal freedom and laughter,

so nobody lives happily ever after.

There's a new Seventh Story to live by, my friends,

a story that doesn't turn Us against Them...

of working for fairness in all that we do,

of not striking back when others strike you,

of facing our problems, not running to hide,

of not letting differences make us divide,

of growing through pain to compassion for others,

of not wanting more than our sisters and brothers.

The new Seventh Story I'm singing of is the story of peace....

and the hero is LOVE!

If you want to hear more about the Seventh Story you can litsen to this podcast with the author:


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